About Us


At Playful Paws we treat each dog as if they are our own. We believe that consistent positive reinforcement and love is the only way a dog should be treated. Like camp for children, our daycare goal is to make every dog feel comfortable and at home while having fun. That means we individualize everything to suit each dog’s needs. Got an energetic dog? No problem - we’ve got staff who can keep up with him. Shy dog? Also not a problem – our staff is trained in how to handle that too. Allergies? Feeding issues? Not an issue here!   

We know how being without mom and dad is stressful, so for dogs boarding with us, we provide the next best thing – 24 hour companionship. A staff member is ALWAYS on site when we have a boarder to make sure that they always have someone around to see to their needs…or just snuggle.     

Health and Safety


Before a dog can come to play or stay with us, they must meet the following requirements to ensure the health and safety of all. All dogs MUST (no exceptions): 

1. Complete a meet and greet temperament test with our team. 

2. Be spayed or neutered if more than seven months old. 

3. Be current on required vaccines  

4. Be 7 days symptom free after any communicable diseases.

5. Be free of fleas and ticks (monthly application must be provided by the owner).