Meet & Greet

At Playful Paws we love all dogs, regardless of age or breed. However, not all dogs thrive in an open play environment. Since safety is our primary concern, all dogs must complete a thorough meet and greet to ensure that they are a good fit for daycare. A Meet & Greet is fairly simple, lasts less than a half hour and includes the following: 

1. Review of paperwork, history and health. 

2. A team member will then take your dog to observe how they react when away from you. During this time, your dog will be assessed for any sensitivities to touch (so we know his comfort level). 

3. Next, we’ll introduce your dog to a small group of additional dogs to determine their comfort level in an open play setting. 

4. Finally, we’ll share our observations with you. Assuming all is good (which it usually is), we’ll get you registered. If for some reason the staff feels your dog is not ready for open play, they will suggest steps that you can take to get your dog more prepared so that they can join us at a later time.  



Daycare at Playful Paws is like day camp for dogs. We provide an open play environment on our beautiful 6 acre property. We have numerous fenced in fields with lots of space to run and play. There’s something for every dog – sun, shade, areas to socialize and quiet resting spots. We have a pool that’s always filled, sprinkler time, and of course, rigorous play sessions with our staff! 


We schedule in a private nap for each dog in individual crates from about 12 to 2 p.m. This allows a short rest for the dogs and time for staff to prepare and serve meals and medications (when applicable).  Puppies or older dogs may need more frequent naps, and our staff is trained to pick up on these cues as well. 


We provide nutritional treats and bones, learning toys, chewy toys, comfortable beds, mats and “open” crates (for dogs who prefer resting alone). All toys, bedding and bowls are washed and sanitized daily. And of course, fresh running water is always available – inside and outside.


Playful Paws offers a boarding experience unlike any other! We are the only establishment that offers cage-free boarding AND 24 hour supervision. Your dog will feel at home in our 800 square foot boarding area (unless crating is requested) with our experienced, on-site handler to keep him company. As long as we have a dog on the premises, we have staff there as well. In addition, since all boarders must pass our Meet & Greet evaluation, you know your dog will only be in the company of compatible buddies. To maintain the comfort of our overnight guests, we also limit the number of boarders allowed. 


At this time Playful Paws is only offering private training lessons.  Please call for additional information.